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Belle 2 by Celeste707
Belle 2
If you want the whole spiel about the cosplay see "Belle 1". Too lazy to type it all again lol and I'd rather not do copy/paste....seems even worse. xD But yeah, this costume was lots of fun! And I'm really looking forward to doing parties in this one even if it is a rather heavy dress lol. Poof!

Dress, gloves, and petticoat were bought and altered. Slip made from scratch by me.
Wig styled/makeup done by me.
Photography taken at Colossalcon by a friend who was nice enough to take some shots with my amateur camera... xD

Belle, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and characters (c) Disney/Walt Disney Studios.
Belle 1 by Celeste707
Belle 1
So! I know these are nothing super fancy quality-wise but I didn't arrange for a shoot for this costume lol. I didn't think it was worth it since it's just a dress I bought off of eBay for princess parties and to satisfy my want to cosplay Belle until I begin the huuuge project of making my own, much larger gown near the end of this year. xD But anyway for eBay it ended up being really good quality considering it only cost me $80! I had to alter it to be about 8" shorter because I'm so short.... xD I also had to take it in a couple of inches at the bodice since I over-estimated my size lol. The chart said I was a large by Chinese sizes but should have ordered a medium.....ah well I suppose that's what alterations are for. >.< This dress is decent quality fabric though, nice and opaque/thick. Also quite heavy. With my petticoat and slip underneath it was a good 15 pounds or so.

The petticoat underneath is one I bought from a thrift shop that had two measly layers at the bottom so I added two layers at the top with an even stiffer mesh and one more big layer in between the bottom two layers. Much better. xD Slip (which obviously has little effect on shape and can't be seen here xD) was made by me from white bridal satin and some frilly trim.

The wig I used is a Matilda in Spanish Brown from Arda Wigs, and will be my "final" Belle wig as well (although by then I may or may not buy a new one if princessing rattles this one up too much since it will be a couple of years xD).

I'll use more creative names when my "final" Belle comes around one day. And I'll hire fancy photogs and stuff. xD

Au revoir~!

Dress, gloves, and petticoat were bought and altered. Slip made from scratch by me.
Wig styled/makeup done by me.
Photography taken at Colossalcon by a friend who was nice enough to take some shots with my amateur camera... xD

Belle, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and characters (c) Disney/Walt Disney Studios.
Shiny Umbreon and Espeon- Wedding Edition! by Celeste707
Shiny Umbreon and Espeon- Wedding Edition!
Seeing as I haven't posted here in a long while, I thought I should! A couple of months back I took on the project of building my very first four-legged plushes! My cousin's wedding was coming up, and I wanted to make her something special, so I put my blood, sweat, and tears into making these two buddies. <3 They're not perfect, and they're also a first attempt like I said, but I am nonetheless pretty satisfied with how they turned out.

Construction specs:

~ Made of anti-pill fleece (would have used minky but I was on a time crunch/budget and couldn't get a hold of the right colors anyway lol).
~ The eyes are hand-embroidered and took about 6 hours apiece on average.
~ They have magnets in their muzzles so they kiss but the fleece is too thick and even the strong magnets barely react to each other... D:
~ Their paws are weighted with sand so they can sit, stand, etc.
~ Both their ears have wire in them for full poseability, as well as Espeon's tail and cheek fur thingies (I really don't have a name for those xDD)
~ The noses are just plastic ones I bought from JoAnn Fabrics.
~ The little hat was bought and I just glued white ribbon to it. The bow tie was made from scratch and so is Umbreon's flower crown/veil.
~ The little Pokeballs started off as fake pearls, like the ones put in faux floral arrangements. I took an iiiiitty bitty brush and painted them into little pastel green Pokeballs with charcoal accents instead of black to keep the colors soft. :)
~ They're stuffed with regular Poly-fil and are plenty huggable. <3
~ Sitting, they measure about 18" on average, but are obviously taller or shorter depending on how their ears get posed. xD
~ They were a labor of love. <3333

I may make more Pokemon/other plushes in the future as this was a pretty fun project, but I dunno when my next venture into this medium will be as they do take a long time and most of the time I'm swamped with costume projects and school work lol. Wish I could churn them out as efficiently as the people who sell them do, but that's just not me. Though I do plan on improving my skills with these, I'll most likely never be quick with this stuff. xD

Shiny Umbreon/Espeon plushes and accessories made completely by me and photographed by me.
Umbreon, Espeon, and Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Satoshi Tajiri/The Pokemon Company.


Your friendly neighborhood Rikku
United States
There's a lot you could learn about me...and I suppose I'll disclose some of that info here. >> First off, the way I act doesn't always suit the way I look. I'm a crazy *coughpsychoticcough* lady at times, but you bet I enjoy it. I look quite younger than I actually am. I'm an animal lover. I'm also crazy about cosplay and conventions. You get the idea lol..... Also, I'm a nail junkie, if my nail art gallery isn't enough to prove that. Hahaha. I'm in college, going for my Bachelor's in Vocal Music Education. <3 If you want to learn anything else, you can just leave a comment. ^^

Current Residence: Your closet.
Favourite genre of music: ....almost everything? xD
Favourite style of art: Anything I can actually manage to draw. lol
Operating System: Toshiba w/ Windows Vista.
MP3 player of choice: Samsung
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse has to win this one.
Personal Quote: Never judge a book by its cover.
It's been like.....over a year since I wrote anything here! Whoah! 'Bout time I change that and add a journal entry. xD

I've sure been busy since the new year started. Been busy trying to get my teaching degree lol, and been working on a lot of craft projects too. Not much cosplay-making this year, but that's for many reasons. One big one being that I've been doing freelance princessing at kid's parties and I've been busy making cheap-ish costumes to wear to these events. Thus far I've made Elsa and acquired a cheap Belle dress on eBay (that needs quite a few size alterations but is otherwise decent xD). Gonna work on making Tinkerbell, Cinderella, a land outfit for Ariel, and MAYBE Sofia. Excited that a Latin American princess is coming to Disney soon, as I look a lot like her and for once I'll be convincing as a Disney character! xDD

Moving on, CONS. Yes, cons. I'll be attending Colossalcon as per usual, not making any new cosplays for that I don't think. Or nothing fancy/expensive if I do. Same thing applies for Youmacon. I'll be attending as usual, but not much new in the way of costumes. If I really want I suppose I could wear some of my party princess outfits...... I suppose. xDD
But yes, main reason I'm skimping on new cosplays this year though, is.......COMIC-CON!! My friend and I managed to snag tickets! We really got lucky there. But we'll be flying to California in July and going to Comic-Con, as well as exploring LA and going to Disneyland. I'm so so so so so soooooooo excited lol~ I'm nervous because I've never been to Cali (or the Western U.S. at all) and I want everything to go just right. But I'm sure that if I watch myself but don't stress the details too much everything will click into place. We've already got our hotels, car rental, and flights booked. So at least that's out of the way! Just gotta get those Disneyland tickets and get our Fast Passes for the park. Other than that, just gotta stockpile moolah for food lol, and a little bit for souvenirs. Yaaaaaay~!!!

I'll try to keep up a little more on journals buuuut I've said this before so who knows. xD

Catcha later!
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