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Elsa by Celeste707
Elsa nothin' for a creative title for this. It's just a basic, slightly sassy-faced, Elsa-signature-pose photo. xD That's literally all. Oh and sorry if it looks like I have a huge widow's peak lol, it's just the angle the photo is taken at. It's just that wisp of hair that's near the middle of her hairline. The actual peak is slightly more subtle. xDD Umm, yeah! And uhhhh, I guess maaaaybe I'll try to get a few nicer shots taken in the snow at some point, on a warmer (sort of) day. Since most days are in the teens or single digits or worse during these months aaaand the cold definitely bothers me. xD Also by then I hope that the details on the sleeves will actually have been done. (I also need to steam it apparently....oops, it's super wrinkly!!) I'm just horrible at time management and thus have not gotten around to it! And with school being back now I have to fit that in between my studies and a couple other projects I have undertaken. Whew! But it'll get done soon I hope.
Elsa's Flowing Cape by Celeste707
Elsa's Flowing Cape
I figured since a day or so ago I uploaded a pic of my Anna costume I might as well upload one of Elsa (and join the army of thousands lolol) as well. xD This one I made mostly on the cheap, minus the wig of course. Not that it didn't take forever though. It's actually still not done, as I haven't been able to take the time to add the details on the sleeves and finish adding a few more small snowflakes to the cape. In due time I will. :)
Also, this was taken by a friend of mine with her phone soooo it will be a little blurry and whatnot but I hope to get a nice photo or two taken at some point. ^^

I actually built this on top of a pre-existing dress I got at a thrift store for $12. Like I said, on the cheap. xD I pretty much stripped the dress bare (took off the organza overlays and the bits of lace on the bodice). Then I made a slit skirt and attached it over the dress' original underskirt, which I use as a slip now. I covered the boned bodice with shiny aqua blue material. This stuff is actually pretty great, it conforms to the bodice so nicely! I had originally made the top/sleeves myself out of the same material as the cape, but the shoulders weren't right and everything kept sagging so I gave up and bought a mesh spandex top off eBay. xD Then I took the sleeves in and added finger loops. I still have to add the glitter detailing on that.

As for the cape.....aha......ahahahah.......that thing nearly drove me insane lol. I spent about 30 hours, possibly more, adding glitter to it. I used these templates by this cool cosplay lady: :iconangelicluka: and used a variety of methods I researched online for decorating mesh. Pretty much I printed the templates, placed wax paper over them for non-stick, pinned them under the mesh, and got to work slowly using clear gel Tacky Glue over the templates and then glittering them with large-particle glitter. Then I went over them again with Mod Podge to minimize glitter shedding. So yeah the cape is its own adventure. xDD

The contacts I got from Honey Color and they're the Super Pinky in Blue.
The wig is the Suzi model in Titanium Blonde from Arda Wigs. I trimmed it a bit shorter, then got to work on separating the top part into three layers and teasing/hairspraying everything. Used Got2b spiking glue on the very tips to get that spiky feel. Then french braided it and gave it all another layer of hairspray lol. I ended up also making some impromptu sideburns (just gluing excess cut-off wig fiber to small strips of like-colored fabric) and sewing them into the wig to hide my own, dark brown sideburns. xD

I used a LOT of makeup here. Especially ivory foundation because I have a bit of a year-round tan lol~

Everything done by me, yadda yadda yadda.

Photograph taken by my awesome friend. :3

Elsa, Frozen, story, and all characters (c) Disney.


Your friendly neighborhood Rikku
United States
There's a lot you could learn about me...and I suppose I'll disclose some of that info here. >> First off, the way I act doesn't always suit the way I look. I'm a crazy *coughpsychoticcough* lady at times, but you bet I enjoy it. I look quite younger than I actually am. I'm an animal lover. I'm also crazy about cosplay and conventions. You get the idea lol..... Also, I'm a nail junkie, if my nail art gallery isn't enough to prove that. Hahaha. I'm in college, going for my Bachelor's in Vocal Music Education. <3 If you want to learn anything else, you can just leave a comment. ^^

Current Residence: Your closet.
Favourite genre of music: ....almost everything? xD
Favourite style of art: Anything I can actually manage to draw. lol
Operating System: Toshiba w/ Windows Vista.
MP3 player of choice: Samsung
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse has to win this one.
Personal Quote: Never judge a book by its cover.
I've kinda been neglecting to upload anything recently so I thought I'd put one of those "yeah, I'm still alive" journals out there. xD At midnight. xD

I haven't done much in the way of photoshoots and whatnot lately but have been wanting to post up more Ariel photos soooo hopefully that can happen soon-ish.... like at least within the month. lol I've been hard at work on doing my school stuff so that obviously takes priority and sometimes kicks out the time I've got for anything else. OTL

BUT! I have also been cutting fabric here and there for a character that I'm crossplaying at Colossalcon. I won't reveal what it is yet but you can bet it'll be a lot of fun. ^^ Also trying to scrap together a summer-ish Dragonair gijinka (another version aside from my original....which I have tons of ideas I wanna use eventually xD) annnd possibly In Summer! Anna. Did I mention I'll be working on her trademark outfit near the end of the year? Now I did lol. It will be soooo expensive if I can't find cheaper wool though. ;A; I already spent like $50 on nice velvet and embroidery stuff for her bodice. Well, here's at least hoping that it turns out nice. SUPER excited about making it~ But that's for later. Right now I'll focus on Colossal stuff. And then I'll focus on my secret cosplay that I'm making for Youmacon for my 10-year cosplay anniversary. Insanely excited about this one too~ <3 <3

So yep. Still alive. Trying to do some cos-stuff. Mostly swallowed up by school. xD I shall prevail!!!!
..............and I hope to journal at least on a monthly basis or so if I can. Ciao!
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